Luke has been at the barn for the last year due to an injury “on the job.” The lady who rode him was a working student of Patience’s and thought that he’d have a good life there to begin his recovery. A couple of weeks ago, the vet came out to check his progress, but determined that Luke would be unable to ever return to work. Now, the guy who owns Luke is unwilling to put any more money into the horse and wants to have him put down. This has everyone at the barn in an uproar. For some, it’s the fact that Luke was a horse worth over $100,000, but now the guy who owns him is unwilling to put any more time or effort into Luke. For others, it’s just the plain and simple fact that he cares so little about this horse (regardless of the monetary value of the horse).

According to what I’ve been able to gather, Luke could be ridden at a walk, nothing more than that. But he’s a horse with spirit. Not just anyone can ride him. And the people who can are going to be unwilling to. Patience and some other people are looking into finding him someplace to be a pasture ornament, but in some ways, that presents the same problem. I don’t think just anyone could have him. He’s a lot better than he was when he first came to the barn, but he still has his little “temper tantrums” (for lack of a better word). And sometimes it seems he doesn’t realize he’s so big that he can be dangerous. Not everyone looking for a pasture ornament can handle that sort of personality. He loves to be fussed over, just that at times, he’s full of himself. They’re also talking about finding him a retirement facility. I’ve never been to one, but it seems like there would be a lot of other horses there and not very many people (considering they seem to get money mostly from charity-type funds). It seems like he could easily get lost in the mix.


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