Tony’s been borrowing one of his friend’s lenses (he borrowed it for the beach…check out our pictures!) and I’ve been taking it to work with me. I also borrowed Dad’s camera (Tony wrote about that in the beach post too), so I can get some really cool pictures. Unfortunately, I’d accidentally changed the ISO setting to 1600 (*gasp*) and didn’t realize it, so some pictures, including this one, are a lot more grainy than I’d like.

One of the greatest things about my job is that there is so much wildlife. There are plenty of deer at the barn, but it’s not often I get to photograph them. I took Bam and Dakini out for the morning in the Far Field. We spooked a deer that was near the gate, but she (?) didn’t run far, so after I finished turnout, I grabbed my camera to see if the opportunity was still there. This is the deer jumping the fence because I tried to get too close.


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