It’s Finally Here

After four and a half months of waiting and a false start, I finally have my car back. There’s a new clutch, a new flywheel, and a new noise. Yesterday, Dad called and said my car was ready, so Tony and I went down there. We got about 10 minutes down the road and were headed back to the school when a hose popped off (with an exciting noise and a bunch of steam). We left it in some person’s driveway until Dad could go and get it. He put the hose back on, made sure there was enough antifreeze in it. This afternoon, Mom got me from work and we went down to get my car. It’s finally here and I’m really happy!


One thought on “It’s Finally Here

  1. hey girl, oh so happy that yougot your car back, i know how much you love your car. and by the way love the pictures that you and tonyare taking and putting on herekeep up the great work

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