New Schedule

Tomorrow is the first day of my new schedule. I’ve left my morning work, at least for the fall…probably at least until the spring and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s longer than that before I get back to morning work. Patience is willing to let me come by whenever I’m not in class and have time, so I’m going to take advantage of her offer. I’ll go down on Fridays at the very least and watch (and maybe get to ride). This Thursday, she’s getting lessons from a woman who lives and works several hours away, so I’m going to go and watch that when I get out of class.

As for my class schedule, I can’t get out to the barn in the mornings because my classes start so early this semester. Monday and Wednesday, I start at Biology at 9:30. On Mondays I also have the lab, so I’m at the school until 5:30. Wednesdays, I get out at about noon. Tuesday and Thursdays, I begin at 9:30 with Macroeconomics and those days run until about 2:30 (because of calculus and French). No class on Fridays, which is why I can get to the barn.


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