Bryan Neubert Clinic

Last weekend, I got an early birthday present. It was one of the coolest birthday presents I’ve ever gotten. Aunt Jane invited me to go with her to a clinic in a town about thirty minutes away.

Bryan Neubert offers clinics in various places (you can check his website for that stuff). The one in Waynesboro was a colt breaking clinic and a horsemanship clinic. Aunt Jane and I got up earlier so that we could watch the colt breaking bit, which lasted all morning. Lunch separated that bit from the horsemanship section. We rode in the horsemanship part.

Aunt Jane borrowed a horse for herself and one for me. They were older horses who were pretty well trained. Better trained than I am. I don’t have much experience with Western and I kind of felt out of my element as I wasn’t sure what to do with my body (that’s one of the things I really appreciate about Patience’s lessons). So I feel like I was inefficient. Which may have led to my inability to let the horse work at his own comfort level. I was always trying to take up more slack than Aunt Jane felt like was right for the level of the horse I was riding.

That bit of riding was frustrating; however, I think the clinic helped me regain some of the patience I think I lost when I began to think of my job as only a job, rather than a chance to enjoy being around horses. Well, that and the fact that I was so glad to get back to a familiar seat and familiar horses, I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

I would definitely be interested in doing it again, but at the same time, not too soon. I learned a lot and I’d like the chance to sort through it all before I learn a bunch more stuff.


Patience’s "Clinic"

On Thursday, Patience had a lady (Britta) come down to her barn from Hume (about an hour and a half to the north of us) to give her, Tara, and Stacy a lesson. She offered me one, but I can’t really afford a lesson right now, so I didn’t take one. Instead, I left as soon as I could after class and went out to take pictures. Not many came out because of motion blur or some other technical or compositional defect.

The lesson I saw of Patience with Rion, Britta helped Patience get Rion to hold his neck so that his head didn’t drag on the ground. It’s amazing how much better he looks since his lesson with her.

Tara rode Amethyst and Britta helped her with her riding. Amethyst is a “schoolmaster,” a horse who has gone through the levels and is used to teach beginners, so there wasn’t really much reason for Britta to work on Amethyst’s position. At any rate, I know Tara’s really pleased with how much she learned from Britta. Kind of makes me wish I had the money for a lesson, but I really ought to just be grateful that I get lessons at all. And I am. But here’s Tara during her lesson.

Howie and Blue Boy

This is Howie (his real name is Decameron). He is one of the newest additions to the barn. He’s a yearling Hanoverian that Patience is trying (kind of like test driving a car, but on a horse). He’s really cute and he’s got a really sweet personality. He came a few weeks ago and since then we’ve been treating an illness he got in transport (he ended up with pneumonia). He’s better now, but he was getting several medications, including an injection.

Down below is Blue Boy (his real name is Seneca). He came along with Howie. He was pretty ready to get off the trailer, as you can see. I was disappointed that I was on the wrong side to catch this moment. He’s not as nice (in his temperament) as Howie is, though everyone at the barn says he has a nicer body. He also came down with pneumonia, but like Howie, he’s over the worst of the medications.

Both are settling in nicely and Patience has had the vet out to check them out and make sure there’s not something seriously wrong with them. There are a couple of things on both of them that she’s going to investigate before purchasing them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we kept both of them.

Perry’s First Day

Today was Perry’s first day of work and I think he found it pretty easy. After all, we’ve been playing games like “walk and stop with me” for quite a while now.

The differences this time were that he was wearing a cavesson (it’s a little harsher than a halter), Patience was leading him, and he was in the ring (rather than on the way to his field). He did really well, and since he’s so nicely put together, he couldn’t help but be cute.