Howie and Blue Boy

This is Howie (his real name is Decameron). He is one of the newest additions to the barn. He’s a yearling Hanoverian that Patience is trying (kind of like test driving a car, but on a horse). He’s really cute and he’s got a really sweet personality. He came a few weeks ago and since then we’ve been treating an illness he got in transport (he ended up with pneumonia). He’s better now, but he was getting several medications, including an injection.

Down below is Blue Boy (his real name is Seneca). He came along with Howie. He was pretty ready to get off the trailer, as you can see. I was disappointed that I was on the wrong side to catch this moment. He’s not as nice (in his temperament) as Howie is, though everyone at the barn says he has a nicer body. He also came down with pneumonia, but like Howie, he’s over the worst of the medications.

Both are settling in nicely and Patience has had the vet out to check them out and make sure there’s not something seriously wrong with them. There are a couple of things on both of them that she’s going to investigate before purchasing them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we kept both of them.


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