Patience’s "Clinic"

On Thursday, Patience had a lady (Britta) come down to her barn from Hume (about an hour and a half to the north of us) to give her, Tara, and Stacy a lesson. She offered me one, but I can’t really afford a lesson right now, so I didn’t take one. Instead, I left as soon as I could after class and went out to take pictures. Not many came out because of motion blur or some other technical or compositional defect.

The lesson I saw of Patience with Rion, Britta helped Patience get Rion to hold his neck so that his head didn’t drag on the ground. It’s amazing how much better he looks since his lesson with her.

Tara rode Amethyst and Britta helped her with her riding. Amethyst is a “schoolmaster,” a horse who has gone through the levels and is used to teach beginners, so there wasn’t really much reason for Britta to work on Amethyst’s position. At any rate, I know Tara’s really pleased with how much she learned from Britta. Kind of makes me wish I had the money for a lesson, but I really ought to just be grateful that I get lessons at all. And I am. But here’s Tara during her lesson.


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