Bryan Neubert Clinic

Last weekend, I got an early birthday present. It was one of the coolest birthday presents I’ve ever gotten. Aunt Jane invited me to go with her to a clinic in a town about thirty minutes away.

Bryan Neubert offers clinics in various places (you can check his website for that stuff). The one in Waynesboro was a colt breaking clinic and a horsemanship clinic. Aunt Jane and I got up earlier so that we could watch the colt breaking bit, which lasted all morning. Lunch separated that bit from the horsemanship section. We rode in the horsemanship part.

Aunt Jane borrowed a horse for herself and one for me. They were older horses who were pretty well trained. Better trained than I am. I don’t have much experience with Western and I kind of felt out of my element as I wasn’t sure what to do with my body (that’s one of the things I really appreciate about Patience’s lessons). So I feel like I was inefficient. Which may have led to my inability to let the horse work at his own comfort level. I was always trying to take up more slack than Aunt Jane felt like was right for the level of the horse I was riding.

That bit of riding was frustrating; however, I think the clinic helped me regain some of the patience I think I lost when I began to think of my job as only a job, rather than a chance to enjoy being around horses. Well, that and the fact that I was so glad to get back to a familiar seat and familiar horses, I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

I would definitely be interested in doing it again, but at the same time, not too soon. I learned a lot and I’d like the chance to sort through it all before I learn a bunch more stuff.


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