Busy Fall/Winter

The end of the semester was really busy with lots of papers and preparing for finals. I finished the semester with three As and a B. I was pretty pleased, considering I knew from the beginning of the semester that I’d likely get a B in my French class.

I did not go to the barn very often at past about the first half of the semester because of all the work I had for school. Today, I had my first lesson in quite a while and it was really, really good. Patience was really pleased and I think I understand a bit better why she’s such a great teacher. Not only does she explain the things she’s telling you to do (“You do ____ because ____.”), but she also doesn’t rush you. When you’re ready to learn something, she teaches you, but she doesn’t push you to go faster than you are ready for.

Christmas was really busy. I didn’t have Christmas with Mom until the Monday after Christmas, so everyone felt sorry for me and invited me to their Christmas party. It was fun, but by the time I got home, I was ready to crash. Hopefully New Year’s Day won’t be quite so hectic.

So there it is, an update on my life, for those of you who were bugging me. :)


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