Last year, sometime around September I went to Pennsylvania to visit one of my friends from Morrisville for her baby shower. At the time, she was considering purchasing this very cute Morgan colt. His name is Baxter. He seemed like he had a pretty nice personality (he let the guy who was selling him do all sorts of things to him). Though Toni didn’t actually buy him, I got a couple of decent pictures of him, so I’m adding them for your viewing pleasure!


Sunrise Produce?

Tony and I made a book of recipes for Mom for Christmas. In the design, we decided we needed at least a picture for the front, if not the recipes. So, here’s the picture from the cover (we ran out of time to decorate the rest of the pages). It’s better on a computer screen than on a piece of paper, of course. It’s not taken at sunrise, but the light makes it look like it should come from a farm somewhere at sunrise. Kind of cool the stuff you can do with a camera!

Shock and Amazement

I bought a new computer (one of the new Macbooks) for school. My old computer was being held together with binder clips. I was really excited about having a computer that worked. I got it last night (we went to the FedEx facility because no one was here to sign the slip when it was delivered) and opened it and played with it a little bit. I have to say, it’s really slick. But….

Yeah, unfortunately, there’s a but. It runs great and I don’t have to hold it together with binder clips. That makes me really happy. But the headphone jack on my computer doesn’t seem to work like it’s supposed to. It’s not just mine either. Check this out. Yeah. Not cool. But I’m going to have to wait at least until spring break to send it back to them. I bought the computer for school and if I sent it back, I couldn’t use it. So I’m waiting. And kind of disappointed. And definitely shocked that this is such an issue.

Christmas Present and Another New Semester

Mom gave my a pair of riding boots (I still need to determine if they fit) and a pair of half chaps. They’re really nice and I look forward to getting to use both.

I also got a new phone for Christmas and it has a decent (not great camera). There was a nice sunset at the barn, so I took several pictures. They’re kind of low quality, but it was such a nice sunset I had to try.

I also took a couple of pictures of my car. This is the best of the ones I got. The camera on the phone is really sensitive to light and motion, so most of the pictures I’ve taken with it are fuzzy or grainy. They look pretty good on the phone, but after I transferred them to my computer, they didn’t look quite as nice. Oh well. I guess you’ve got to trade something for convenience.

Classes start on Tuesday and I’m taking five classes: French (my last semester!), statistics, a dance class (modern), logic, and biology. I’m not looking forward to my French class, but the rest seem like they should be interesting. Other than that, the only down side to this semester is that my logic class is from 7 to 10…at night. I just have to remind myself it’s only for 15 weeks.