Application to UVa

I managed to finish my application for UVa. The part that I have to do anyway. I put in the application payment, the essays, and the parts of the application that I had to fill out. I have to wait and see if all the transcripts and letters from other people make it in time, but that’s out of my hands now.

Now, all I have to do is maintain my GPA, hope that everyone else got in all the other parts of my application in in time, take a couple of tests, graduate from Piedmont, and I should be set. Not quite sure which way I’m hoping for. I think I could be happy either way. Though I wouldn’t be looking forward to having to possibly fill out the application again.

And I’m so tired of writing, I think I’m going to stop now.


Transferring is Easier?

By now, most of you know I’m attempting to transfer to UVa. I’m trying to get all the paperwork together so that I can transfer for this coming academic year (if I don’t manage to get all the paperwork in, it will be a whole year before I can get the guaranteed transfer, as they don’t accept guaranteed transfers in the spring). It’s been a mess.

First, I thought I had until the middle of March and wasn’t rushing to get things done. I found out around the middle of January that I would not have the extra two weeks. Ever since then, I’ve been struggling to find everything that needs to be done by the first so I don’t miss the deadline. I have only a little over a week and several things still need to be done.

Second, I keep finding more and more paperwork that needs to be filled out. Two parts of an application, three sets of paperwork that need to be filled out by various people, transcripts from every school I’ve attended. All of these things are, I suppose, to be expected; however, having never done this sort of thing before, I’ve been finding things and not giving much time for things to be done.

The moral of the story is this: don’t leave things until you think you have enough time. Do it with a year to spare…you’ll be sure to find something you missed in the meantime!