Spring Break (Silver River)

Above is some sort of snake Jean, Grandma, and I ran across on the first day of adventures in Florida. We went to Silver River (there’s a state park there and it’s only $4/car to get in). As we were walking down the path toward the river, I stopped to take a picture or something and Jean said, “Look out!” I kind of jumped backward, not really knowing what it was that she was so worried about. When she pointed out the snake, I pulled out Tony’s camera and took some pictures. None of them came out particularly well because the snake was so little (it was not much bigger than an inch in diameter, if that) the camera couldn’t focus on it.

After we got to the river, we all decided that we wanted to rent a canoe. It was a half-hour one-way trip to and from the river, so Grandma and I left Jean down by the water, while we went back to get a key, paddles, and life jackets. When we got back to the trailhead, we met a guy who said we should take this other path. It, of course, went pretty far the other way. About halfway down (?), we decided to give up on that path and go back down the one we knew. On the way out though, we met up with an armadillo. Grandma’s first wild one and I think maybe my first one in “real life.” Unfortunately, I had the polarizing filter on and that took out a bunch of the light and he was moving so much in the shade that the picture’s fuzzy. But you all should be able to figure out that I’m not lying.


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