This is the Silver River. We canoed up to Silver Springs (we did not enter the park), enjoyed scenery, and returned. When Grandma and I went to get the canoe, the ranger warned us the we should return by 6:30 or he’d have to come looking for us. We laughed, assuming we’d be back by then. But we were directed down the wrong path and it took us an hour longer to get to the river again (it takes about 30 minutes to go down the path to the river, so the park automatically gets an hour, whether or not you actually take the boat). Anyway, we were out until 6:45…. Yeah. Not our best move, but we had a good time. Now we know to get there earlier in the day. Not only were we late returning, but we were really warm.

Meet the first alligator we saw on the canoe trip up the Silver River. We saw a bunch more later on. Bunches of turtles. And a bunch of fish.

And this strange-looking bird. It’s an anhinga (also known as a snake bird, sometimes confused with a cormorant). It’s pretty common down there. At one point, we saw one in the water and Jean asked, “Is that a snake?” It was rather large for a snake and had it’s head pretty far out of the water (probably from the water to the edge of the canoe). But as we got closer, we realized it was an anhinga and knew where the nick-name had come from.


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