Clearwater Beach

Jean really wanted to go to a beach while we were in Florida and I thought that sounded like fun. I was not interested in going to Daytona or some other beach that was going to be overcrowded with college students on Spring Break. She talked to Cappy who said that Clearwater is a nice beach. Which, I’m sure it is when it’s not Spring Break. In spite of the fact that it’s not Daytona, there were a lot of people there. I’m used to winter beaches, which are often mostly abandoned. Fortunately, we only stayed for about 2 hours. While I enjoyed the beach for the short time we were there, I have to say I prefer winter beaches, when there aren’t many people around. I’m not all that fond of swimming, so that doesn’t matter as much (though it’s fun to take pictures of other people who are playing in the water).


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