Kitten Update

Those kittens we found? Yep. Only one left. No, they weren’t adopted. We don’t know what happened to them. We decided that socializing them would be best (while their claws still don’t hurt). That was probably a good idea because they were pretty wild. There were two girls (one of the greys and the black) and one boy. The boy was the most wild, hissing and spitting at us when we tried to mess with him. The girls were pretty willing to let us play with them, even on the first day.

Thursday morning, we discovered the grey female was gone without a trace. That was weird, but it gets weirder. Friday morning, the black kitten was gone. Again, no trace. This creeped Tony out, so he brought the gray male inside (I was at work). He’s been inside ever since. We figured if the mother was moving them, she would have moved them all more quickly. There wasn’t any indication of death in their “nest” (as Tony calls it), but we can’t figure out exactly what did happen.

The next weekend, we took the kitten to see Casey, the vet I work for. She gave him a dewormer and generally checked him over to make sure he was in good health. She said she’d give him his vaccinations when it came time, if we still had him.

He’s really cute, but he doesn’t have a name. He answers to “kitty,” “kitten,” and – of course – the sound of food in his dish. We may end up keeping him as we’ve (I think both of us) have learned we are more attached than we realized.


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