Let’s Play Catch-Up (Again)

School was killer this semester. I managed to pull of a GPA of 1.9 or something. It wasn’t what I wanted and I’m not going to give you details (I’m still a bit sensitive about it), but I’ve learned a lot (outside of what you get in a book) this semester. This is learning I wouldn’t have chosen to gain, but don’t regret having. Things like how to fail a semester (basically) with grace (hopefully). Or things like learning to ask for help before it’s too late. And things like my happiness used to far too dependent on grades (I had no idea how important they were to me). We’ll see how long these things last.

The holidays have been horribly busy. Thanksgiving, we went up to Aunt Jane’s house for the annual get-together. On the way back home from Maryland, we stopped at Tony’s parents’ house to celebrate with them. The Sunday following Thanksgiving was the Cortez gathering. Then there was Christmas. We had Christmas with the Cortez family on Christmas Eve, drove up on Christmas Day to spend the weekend with Tony’s family, and we have Mom still to celebrate with. It’s been busy.

Class starts in a week. Dean Papovich suggested I take a J-term class to help me adjust further to UVa, so I am enrolled in that class. We’ll see how that goes.

Of course, the best news is the snow that we had dumped on us. We had somewhere between 18 and 21 inches the weekend before Christmas! It’s the most snow I’ve ever seen at one time and I was thrilled. Even now, there is still snow covering grass in most places. We didn’t play much in it, but we walked out in it several times. I was really glad to have all my riding gear – my feet stayed dry. The roads are finally plowed (after about half a week) and we are moving about freely again. I took some pictures, so hopefully those will show up eventually.

As for news, that’s the latest. Now back to preparing for that class….