37 Foot Waterfall(s) and a Park for History

My first stop today was to the Charleston Falls Preserve where they boast a 37 foot waterfall. It seemed a bit silly, but something interesting nonetheless, so I put that on my list of sites to visit this week while I’m here. It turned out to be pretty interesting (more pictures later, since I still can’t get them off the Canon).

This first picture is of the falls. You can see that there is a cut-out behind the falls. I thought it looked like an interesting place to explore, but there are signs all over the place warning you to stay on the path (like I said, more pictures when I can hook the Canon up to my computer and download the pictures I’ve taken), so I was good and stayed where they wanted. It also didn’t seem like a good idea to get wet at the beginning of my hike.

There was also a cave a bit up the trail. The entrance wasn’t much taller than I am (about 5’5″) and pretty round. Not too interesting as you couldn’t really see into it. The walk was nice, but not really much to say about that until I have the rest of my pictures.

This is a picture from the “goldenrod hexagon.” I don’t really know what it was supposed to be, but it was a really nice place to sit and relax. The only down side was that the highway was just past the trees on one side.

I spent most of the afternoon chilling at the hotel and when Tony came back from one of his meetings, I pressed him to go to the Carillon Historical Park. I’ll keep most of the details on this a surprise, since we went after they closed and I have every intention of going back tomorrow. We got to peek in the windows (it’s like a much more relaxed version of Williamsburg, I think) and there’s some cool stuff in there, so some good pictures tomorrow, I hope (though, again, they’ll mostly be on the Canon).

This is a beer truck from the historical park. I’ll leave you with that as I’m being pestered about it being time to go to sleep…. :)


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