More Bridges

Thursday I drove to Germantown, Ohio to look at two more covered bridges before I left. I got to see these online, so knew that I was going to see something at least a little different than the ones I’d seen the first day. The first bridge, seen above, was in the middle of Germantown. It’s a pedestrian bridge only, so I could wander around and take pictures of it from whatever angle I liked (there was even a path to get under the bridge), unlike the bridges I saw on Tuesday.

One of the nicest things about the bridge was that it was a really inviting place to just sit and chat with people around town, if they were inclined to just sit and congregate someplace. Of course, it didn’t look like they thought this was the case, but someone had provided several seats. As I was taking pictures, I kind of wished I hadn’t been exploring alone as it would have been nice to have someone to sit in the seat as I was taking pictures for the shot above. That’s the view from the top of the bridge (obviously). Not much of a body of water to cross, but if it’s like the other covered bridges around Ohio, its current location is not it’s original location.

I thought the second bridge (above) I went to see (south of Germantown, just outside of the main part of town) was the prettiest one of them all. It was also, unfortunately, the only one you couldn’t get close to. I mean, you could park right off the road from it, but you couldn’t approach the bridge unless you wanted to be trespassing, and somehow, that didn’t appeal to me. I’m not sure I was or am entirely upset, as the landscaping around the bridge was very nice. Again, the location seems a bit silly for such a large bridge, but I’m not sure this was it’s original location.


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