Exploring Las Vegas – Day One

Tuesday, all five of us spent a good bit of time taking care of errands. In the afternoon, however, we went exploring. First, we tried to go to Lake Mead, but since we had to pay, went went drove around in Sunrise Mountain Recreation Area. We didn’t have the camera.

After Jean finished at work, we went back out toward Lake Mead, but pulled over on the side of the road to climb a mountain that we thought would let us look over Las Vegas. This is a picture of the climb. It was pretty strenuous (though perhaps a bit simpler than Mt. Hope since there’s already a path paved). Even once we got to the switchbacks that lead to the saddle, the road was pretty steep.

As we got closer to the top, the sun started to set and created some pretty incredible contrast and color. Wednesday, we planned to go up the mountain in the picture because on the way up the route we’d chosen, we noticed something on one of the mountains and since no one knew what it was, we thought we’d explore it.

We’d hoped that at the top of the mountain in the first picture, we’d be able to look over Las Vegas. Well, turns out, there’s another mountain the size of the one we’d already climbed on the other side. It was coming on to dark and we were all tired, so we gave up. We sat for a bit to regain some energy before returning to the truck.

Here’s a view of the hike we took – all the way to the top – from the bottom the mountain we climbed on Wednesday. Looking at the trail we took after having hiked it, I have to say it looked harder after having hiked it than before. That might also have been partly because I was pretty tired after having hiked it that I dreaded the thought of another trip like that in the near future.


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