Exploring Las Vegas – Day Two

After Tuesday’s hike, I don’t think anyone was interested in a strenuous hike. Wednesday, we went looking for something we thought was an airplane that had crashed into the side of the mountain; it turned out to be only a cave. Anyway, as I was walking, all the shadows lined up, so I yelled, “Stop!” Of course, everybody looked at me funny, but did as I asked. They liked the effect when they saw the picture, though.

Not only was the view at the top of the mountain awesome, there were some pretty interesting things along the way up, including this cactus. They were all over the place, but I thought this one was cute, tucked up in the rocks like it was.

While the view from Tuesday’s hike could have been pretty awesome, we were disappointed to find another mountain in the way of the view of the city. Today’s view was fantastic for the effort we put into it. I know this isn’t toward the city, but I thought there was pretty awesome scenery on this side too.

Jean and I sat on the top of the mountain, watching the sun set as Chris, Donald, and Mom went further up the ridge. The colors were pretty amazing and the fact that we actually got to watch the sunset made Wednesday’s trip that much more enjoyable.

Finally, Jean seems to be pretty obsessed with pictures of Las Vegas under darkness or near darkness. And having attempted some pictures for myself, I can appreciate why she’s so interested in them. I think this one’s pretty cool myself, but it’s even better if you can zoom in on it and see how clear some of the buildings are, given how little light I had and I didn’t bring the tripod.

Oh, and I should’ve mentioned a few days ago: you can see more pictures here.


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