Exploring Las Vegas – Days Three and Four

Thursday, we didn’t do much other than hang around the house, so I worked on applying for readmission to UVa. With Tony’s help, that went pretty well.

Friday morning, Mom and I went down to the end of the road, where you can see the jets taking off and landing. We spent a good while down there watching them fly around. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the Canon because we hadn’t set out to watch the jets, but take a walk around the neighborhood. When we went back to the house for lunch, we agreed that we’d come back later with the camera and take some pictures.

Later on in the afternoon, we did as we said we would and went back to the end of the road. Unfortunately, at 2:00 on a Friday afternoon, there aren’t many people who are interested in flying. Even the jets that were out were landing, but not where we could get pictures of them. I was really disappointed.

About 8:00 p.m., Mom, Donald, and I went down to “the Strip.” I figured that since I was in Las Vegas, I ought to see stuff at least once. After being there, however, I’ve decided that unless Tony wants to see it someday, I’m never going back there if I can help it. There was too much hustle and bustle and people pushing their little “see the girls!” papers at you. The casinos were kind of disappointing too. We went in a couple of buildings along the strip and, though they had really ritzy (read, expensive) stores, they felt worn out.

I don’t remember the name of this casino, but they had some little gondolas that actually rode around in the water. They weren’t running when we got there, but I got the impression they were operated during the day. It seemed like an interested gimmick and made for a pretty nice picture (this morning, I can see a potentially better angle, but like I said before, I’m not interested in going back unless Tony wants to go someday.

I don’t remember where these were either (there was a pair of them), but I thought they were pretty cool. We’d just crossed the street on a raised bridge. But there were lots of those around the city, so I don’t really know where the were at all. Stuff online seems to suggest that they live near Caesar’s Palace.

I thought was pretty cool was the light show at the Bellagio. We were across the street from the Bellagio at about five minutes to the hour. I’d looked it up online to know that between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. (see Wikipedia) the light show happens every 15 minutes. We were about ready to stop at the point, but we stuck around long enough to watch the light show.

After the light show was over, we found our way to the monorail station, where we bought tickets ($5/person!) and rode back to the car. We were tired enough that the cost was worth it, I think. Fortunately, the drive back to Jean’s was pretty short and I could go straight to bed as soon as we got back.


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