Exploring Las Vegas – Day Five

On Saturday, the last day in Las Vegas, Chris and Jean took us all to Red Rock Canyon, which is just west of Las Vegas. There’s some really great hiking out there. The views are pretty incredible too.

The first climb we attempted ended up at a dead end, but the rocks were pretty cool. I wanted a sense of perspective for the dimple in the rock, but Jean’s face made this picture better than I imagined it would be.

This climb wasn’t as steep as it looks. Going up was easy because there were all kinds of ridges in the sides of the rock to give you traction; going down was scary because of this weird perspective.

Getting to the top was totally worth it (though the first couple of climbs weren’t too difficult). The views were amazing, as you can see.

Mom and Donald went on to hike another hill, but Jean, Chris, and I stayed behind just past where we ate lunch. I think Jean and Chris got bored because Jean was trying to take a picture of them, so I told her I’d do it…first with her camera, then with mine.

Again, there are more pictures here.


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