Leaving Vegas – Days One and Two

The return trip went much more quickly. Mom and I left Nevada on Saturday after our hike. We managed to make it to Gallup, NM before we stopped for the night. It was too dark to take pictures for most of the drive, so I didn’t get anything the first night.

We passed by this feedlot on our way through Texas (near Wildorado, or so my phone claims). Though there are a lot of cows in this picture, there were several groups of them. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many there were. I’m not sure I’ve seen so many cows in one place at one time before.

Sunday, we made it to Russellville, Arkansas. The funny thing was, we checked into the same hotel we stayed at on the way out. Not only that, but it was the same man who checked us in. The similarities ended there, however. We weren’t even on the same floor or wing as last time.


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