Leaving Las Vegas – Day Three

On the way to Las Vegas, we passed over this bridge (obviously), but it was dark, so my pictures were kind of weird, so I made a point of telling Mom that I wanted a picture of the bridge on my way home. The weather was lousy for taking pictures (it was misting), but we stopped at the rest stop just across the line in Tennessee and took some pictures.

Mom also found and took a picture of this monorail. It carries people to the island in the middle of the river for events and stuff. The bridge over it is for pedestrians, so you’re not stuck with only the monorail, if you don’t like that sort of thing.

We finally made it back home (at least for me) at about 1:30 on Monday night. Though I enjoyed my trip out to Las Vegas, it’s just not home, especially since Tony didn’t come with me. Maybe next time!


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