Virginia Beach

School has started, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for some fun.

This past weekend, Aunt Denise said she was going to Virginia Beach for the day and asked if I’d like to go along. I figured I had done enough homework that I’d be able to finish by the time it was due, so I went.

We got to Norfolk around 11:30 and had a good time at lunch with Amy and Vic. After lunch, we spent some time wandering around the NEX to do some shopping for Brandon. Amy had work at 1:00, so we went on with the rest of our day.

We spent some time taking care of some errands for Aunt Denise (taking care of someone’s apartment), but the rest of the day was for fun stuff. We walked down the strip, window shopping.

It didn’t take long for people to get bored with that, so Aunt Denise and I left everyone else to sit in the apartment, while we walked along the beach. We didn’t stay out for long, but it was long enough for my jeans to get soaked.

It was a good trip and I think we all had fun. And I managed to get some things done that I’d set out to do when I went down there, so I considered it a successful trip.

As usual, there are more pictures on Picasa (you can click on the picture and get there).


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