There are a few pieces of news I need to add to make future posts make more sense.

Tony bought a new bike a few months ago. He’s always had his eye on the Road King and finally got a really nice one. The handlebars were terrible and were replaced as quickly as possible. It’s black cherry (dark purple); I don’t think there are many colors that could beat that one.

I sold my Celica a couple of months ago. I spend so much time riding that the car generally doesn’t make sense anymore. There are times that having only one car in our house is kind of hard, but we generally manage to schedule around each other, so it’s been a mostly positive thing.

I traded the Super Glide for a 2006 Street Bob. Well, really, I am selling Dad his Super Glide back and bought the Street Bob. I bought it on a Monday last month. By Friday, it was making weird noises and we had to take it back to the dealer. I got it back two weeks later and within a week, it was acting up again (not noises, but the way it was running). It’s still at the dealer. By the time it’s all said and done, it’ll have a new stator and regulator (I couldn’t find a link for that one). It’s all part of the battery charging system, so basically, it wasn’t exactly something I could ignore. Latest news is that I’ll have it back (again) by the end of next week. In the meantime, I’ve been riding Tony’s R6.

I really need to get some good pictures of the bikes. School’s been crushing me, though, so it’ll be a while, I think.


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