Jean’s Visit

Jean, Chris, and Alexus (my new niece) came to Virginia for a short visit. It was a surprise visit, so I was the only person who knew ahead of time (less than a week, so I think it still counts as a surprise). And that was only because they needed someplace to stay!

They met me at Nana’s house to surprise her, Dad, and Aunt Denise. They were all surprised (whew!) and really excited to see Jena.

The next day, I had class all day, but when I got out, I met them at the mall – they were hanging out with friends. I thought Jean’s shirt was awesome, so I had to take a picture. It says, “Pilots without maintainers [mechanics] are just pedestrians with cool jackets and sunglasses.”

The day after that, we met Dad at KFC for lunch. We got to hang out for a little while, which was nice.

As usual, there are more pictures in the album.

Mom came with Jean and Chris. They picked up one of Jean’s friends on their way to town, so we had a lot of company last week!


Riding Partner

Q has decided that he doesn’t like it that he gets left behind when Tony and I go riding. So he’s putting on his gear so he can be my riding partner too.

(I bribed him back into the helmet – he explored it on his own the first time – but he always burrows under my riding gear.)