Carova – Day 5 and Departure

Friday, we were up for the sunrise. We went down to the beach to take pictures (Thursday, we took pictures from our room, though I don’t think any of those turned out).

Later in the afternoon, the horses came back. It took until Tuesday for them to show up the first time, so I was a little afraid they weren’t going to show up again until after we left. I think everyone thought I was crazy to get so excited about them.

Later in the afternoon, Tony and David got in the hot tub. That was the first time anyone had been in since we got there – at the beginning of the week, Tony had convinced himself it wasn’t running.

We went to town to get a couple of things for dinner. While we were out, we went looking for a lighthouse replica for David’s collection. We didn’t find any, but Tony got some cool pictures!

We left on Saturday and didn’t take any pictures.

There are more pictures here.


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