This winter has been really mild. We’ve had a few cold days (30s for highs), but they were immediately followed by really warm days (highs in the 60s). This past weekend, we finally got some winter precipitation (although today is supposed to be nearly 60 again)! Saturday and Sunday, we got freezing rain and snow. It didn’t amount to much, but it was enough to make things look pretty.

We’d planned to drive up to the mountains to take pictures, but the fog was so thick, we would have done just as well to take pictures of a sheet of white paper. Ragged Mountain Natural Area isn’t too far from home, so when we got back to town, that’s where we went.

Ragged Mountain surrounds one of Charlottesville’s reservoirs. I thought it was a bit like this picture, from the trip Jean and I took to see Grandma and Grandpa in 2009. It was great that the water was calm enough to make the reflection so crisp.

I’m not sure I’ve thought of bobbers as Christmas tree ornaments. Guess that just goes to show that I don’t have enough imagination….

We wanted to make it to the gatehouse (you should be able to see a picture here), but we didn’t have time to get there and get out before it got dark. As it was, we were glad we’d turned around when we did.

More pictures here.


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