Aunt Denise’s Birthday

This past weekend was Aunt Denise’s birthday. She invited me (and a few other people) to go to the beach with her. I looked at the weather and decided there was no way I was going to let such a nice weekend pass me by, so I planned to take my motorcycle (initially, I thought I would take Tony’s since I figure it’s more comfortable for long trips, but it was broken, so I took mine after all).

I stopped a couple of times along the way to stretch out (I decided that a windshield would be nice for a trip that long) and it ended up taking around four hours to get to the beach. Saturday night, we (Aunt Denise, Aunt Darleen, Aunt Denise’s friend Erika, and I) drove out to the Bay Bridge Tunnel to take some pictures and watch the sun set. This is from the far side of the two tunnels.

Sunday morning, we walked on the beach for a little while before we headed home. The ride home was quite a bit chillier than the ride to the beach. The forecast said it was going to be cooler, but I had expected that since I would be riding back later in the day that it would be approximately the same. I was wrong. Aunt Darleen rode part of the way home, which I really appreciated, since my muscles were getting really stiff.

I was going to hang out with Dad on Sunday, but he wasn’t there when I got there. I rode my bike over to Nana’s and hung out with her and Aunt Darleen for a while. I rode the rest of the way home with Aunt Denise and picked up my bike this afternoon.

Of course, more pictures here.


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