Snow for a Motorcycle Class

I’m working a motorcycle class this weekend. Saturdays for me start in the afternoon, while Sundays start earlier than the crack of dawn.

Just into the first exercise this afternoon, Tony texted me to tell me that it was hailing at our house. Well, that’s a little creepy, given that we’re all outside, but I looked at my phone and the weather was moving to the southeast (not in our direction). The weather that was heading for us looked more tame.

Not long into the second exercise (the first exercise on the bikes), the wind turned frigid and the clouds covered the sun. Then, we saw a whirling mass of white coming down the hill behind the building in the picture. At first, we all thought it was just low-lying clouds, but it dawned on us that it was something else. My first thought was pouring rain, but instead, it was snow! Not just a little snow; it poured out of the sky and skittered around on the ground. Just after it started, Dick and Sandi pulled the students off the bikes and we huddled in the trailer, watching the snow fall.

I finally got my wits together and decided that there was no way I could pass up an opportunity like this – as a matter of fact, I should have taken a picture as the snow was approaching! Anyway, this is the best shot I got, but the experience was amazing. The wind was also amazing(ly cold).

The crazy thing was, the snow lasted less than an hour (probably not even half an hour). Then, the sun came out and it was almost warm!


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