Jean’s Visit: Parties, Photographing, and Motorcycling

Wednesday was supposed to be the party where Dad’s family got to see Jean while she was here. Unfortunately, a lot of people were sick. It was a very small party. We had fun with the camera anyway.

On Sunday, we had company for lunch, and then there was even more picturing!

Sunday night, Jean and I went on a ride with Dad. And had dinner.

And, there was even more picturing Sunday night! And a game of Boggle. But we didn’t photograph that….

Believe it or not, there are more pictures here.


Jean’s Visit: Visting Church and Dinner

We haven’t done a lot since Mom and Jean got here. We were all recuperating from the drive on Friday. Saturday, Jean and Mom went to Richmond. Yesterday, Jean and Mom went to church with me. While we were waiting for a couple of people we know to finish their conversations with other people, I got this picture. Last night, Mom watched Alexus and Jean and I had dinner at the Melting Pot. We had a really good time and really enjoyed the food.

Jean’s Visit: Missouri Trip

Jean is visiting from Las Vegas. When she said she was going to stop in West Plains on the way here, I decided to meet her.

I left home on Saturday morning and got to West Plains on Sunday afternoon (after spending the night in Tennessee). Spring was starting to show already; I guess they’ve had a pretty mild winter in western Tennessee too.

By the time I got to Mammoth Spring, I was ready to be out of the car for a while, so I walked the circuit around the spring. It was a short walk, but definitely worth the opportunity to be out of the car.

I spent the afternoon and evening wandering around places that I remembered having been until Mom and Jean got to town. I met them at the place we were staying while we were in Missouri.

We spent Monday visiting and left early Tuesday morning. Wednesday, we got to North Carolina to take care of an errand for Mom. I got home very late Wednesday night/very early Thursday morning.

There’s not much to say (or show) simply because this was more of a visiting trip than a sight-seeing trip.