Easter Hike

Tony and I went rode up to the mountains after church on Easter to go hiking. The weather was great for riding (and for photographing), although a little chilly once we got up there. Fortunately, the speed limit is much lower on Skyline Drive, so it wasn’t as cold as it could have been.

Once we got up there, the view was pretty awesome. Tony took panorama, which looks like this (click and drag to scroll around):

[Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow Dermandar to embed in their posts. You can go here to see it.]

We had a lot of fun climbing around on the rocks, but the pictures we tried to take didn’t turn out like we’d hoped. This mossy stuff was one of the exceptions. I liked the way the textures were so different between the two colors, but in this picture, I liked the way it looked like the mossy stuff was flowing down the hill.

As usual, there are more pictures here.


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