Vintage Car Race

Last weekend, we went to Warrenton for Tony’s mom’s birthday (happy birthday!). We went up on Friday and came back Saturday. Sunday, my boss’s husband had a car race at Virginia International Raceway in Danville, VA (which is about three hours from our house).

Casey frequently goes to the race with Les and I take care of the dogs. For some reason, Casey ended up not going, so I told her I was interested in going, so they got us in. Les showed us around, which was really neat. He explained how vintage car racing works (you’re not allowed to do anything that couldn’t be done to the car when it was new – for example, carbon fiber panels or something), showed us some of the cars he’d be racing against, and pointed out some of the other cars whose drivers were friends of his.

I got a picture of Les’s car (as you can see, a 1973 MGB) and a couple of the early races before my phone’s camera decided it didn’t like me anymore (it doesn’t work at all even now…I think it’s totally dead). Unfortunately, Les’s race was later in the day. We got some pictures with the Canon, but Tony put all of those on his computer and we still haven’t gone through them. These are the only pictures I have of the races for right now (the one below is the F-2000s, I think).


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