Aquarium Visit with Daniel

Friday held the biggest surprise of the trip. Daniel took Tony and me to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and we got tickets to go to the dolphin show.

Daniel volunteers at the aquarium, so made the trip even more interesting. He showed us the exhibits that he helps maintain and the area behind the exhibits where he spends more of his time. It was really cool to get a glimpse of how the aquarium functions. About halfway through browsing the exhibits in the aquarium, we headed for the dolphin show.

When we walked into the amphitheater, I glanced into the seats and saw Toni, one of my friends from Morrisville, sitting with her husband and two kids! She lives in Pennsylvania and we’ve talked on and off about meeting in D.C. if she ever goes with her kids, but neither of us had mentioned going to Baltimore. We chatted for a couple of minutes, but they were sitting in the splash zone and Tony was decidedly not interested in getting wet, so we didn’t sit with them.

We went to lunch right after the dolphin show, then continued our tour of the aquarium, starting with the jellyfish exhibit. They caught up with us again at the shark/coral reef exhibit and Toni and I chatted a little more. At the end of the exhibit, they went on to an “encounter” – where people get to see an animal out of it’s habitat. We left not too long after that.

Although I had a really good time exploring lighthouses, exploring parks, and visiting family, I was really glad to get home on Saturday (after a bit of lost key excitement, which turned out to be nothing).

There are more pictures from Friday (and my previous trip to Baltimore) here.


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