Maine Trip: Pennsylvania

Sunday (the 6th), we drove up to Codorus State Park (we went last October and enjoyed it). We got there so late the only thing we had time to do was set up the tent and go to sleep.

Monday morning, we got up fairly early and packed up the car. We planned to drive all the way across Pennsylvania and reach Lake Erie by Monday night, so we knew we needed to get a move on. The drive would have been really pretty, but it rained the whole day. And when I say “rained all day,” I don’t mean little piddly rains that are off and on all day. I mean it pretty much poured the whole day.

We stopped in DuBois at the Harley store so we could stretch our legs and get a reprieve from the rain for a while (and see what was so special about “the most unique Harley store”). Tony took a panorama:

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We managed to make it all the way to Niagara Falls by Monday night, even though we went through Erie, Pennsylvania and drove up 5, rather than taking 90 the whole way.

Here’s a map of the trip so far. And here’s a link to the rest of the Maine trip pictures.


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