Maine Trip: Niagara

Monday evening, we drove along Lake Erie on Route 5. I thought we’d have a better view of the lake than we did, but we pretty much didn’t get to see it at all. So when we noticed there was a pier on the lake, we stopped to stretch our legs and look at the water. Just above the pier was this lighthouse.

Monday night, we stayed in Niagara. We woke up Tuesday to clouds and fog. After all the rain we drove through on Monday, I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

We drove to Niagara, not really holding out much hope that there would be anything to look at. Even though the weather wasn’t great, there were still interesting things to see. Like Tony!

And goslings (they were on the hike from American Falls to Horseshoe Falls)!

We stayed in Syracuse Tuesday night, although we were apparently fortunate to get a room (it was graduation weekend).

Tony wrote about parts of our trip. He used some of my favorite pictures from Niagara in his post.

This map is approximate, as I don’t remember anymore which specific roads we traveled on. I know we went through Auburn and Skaneatles.

Finally, the rest of the pictures from the Maine trip are here.


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