Maine Trip: Chittenango and the Adirondack Mountains

Wednesday, we left Syracuse intending to go directly to Lake Pleasant, NY. Along the way, I missed a turn (Tony was doing a fine job navigating, I was just confused) and we saw a sign for Chittenango Falls State Park. I was game and Tony was willing to go along for the ride as long as it wasn’t too far out of our way. We found the falls just as Tony was about to give up. He wrote about them in his post, so I won’t bother reposting the pictures. I will, however, post this panorama from the bottom.

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After walking around Chittenango, we booked it for Lake Pleasant. What we didn’t realize is that there wasn’t really any place to stay in Lake Pleasant (or anywhere in the Adirondack Mountains…at least, that we drove through). Since it was still raining, we weren’t exactly keen on camping (mostly because we didn’t want to pack up a wet tent), so we continued on to Burlington, VT.

Anyway, we stopped in the mountains for a short hike. We figured since we were there, we ought to take advantage of the mountains. It was really wet and we only got to walk in for about half a mile before our path was blocked by running water. But Tony got this really cool picture.

When we crossed into Vermont, we saw (and had to drive through) this before we could stop for the night.

It looked pretty dramatic while we were driving toward it, but given that we had been driving in rain (off and on) for three days, we were about ready for some good weather.

This is the approximate map for Wednesday’s driving.

The rest of the Maine pictures are here.


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