Maine Trip: New Hampshire

Maine was pretty, but I think I New Hampshire was even prettier. I don’t know if you can see it, with the picture as small as it is (you might be able to see it better on Picasa), but the clouds left frosty stuff on the tops of the trees.

Since he wrote about it already, I’ll let Tony tell you about Flume Gorge.

Now that you’re back, I’ll say a couple of things Tony didn’t mention. You know that picture of me looking back to where we’d come from? You see my hat? It was pretty chilly. When we first started out, we were both regretting that we hadn’t brought things like gloves. But between the sun coming out and the heat generated by walking around the park, I was able to take off both the hat and the jacket by the end of the hike. The weather was pretty much perfect for that hike.

Tony didn’t really tell the story of the Sentinel Pine Bridge, which I thought was one of the most fascinating things about the place, although they had little stories posted all over the place.

Anyway, according to the sign, during the Revolutionary War, the tree avoided being cut down for use by the King of England as spars for his ships. I’m not sure how extraordinary that actually was (the sign said that the tree would have been 265 when the sign was posted, but there was no date on the sign), but it finally fell in 1938 (at who knows what age) during a hurricane. In 1939, the tree was used to construct and support the Sentinel Pine Bridge (the trunk is under the main part of the bridge).

After we left Flume Gorge, we wandered through the White Mountains to Maine. While I loved New Hampshire, I was really looking forward to getting to and exploring Maine.

This is an approximate map of the trip through New Hampshire.

The rest of the Maine pictures are here.


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