Maine Trip: Acadia (Day 2)

If you haven’t already read Tony’s posts about Acadia, you should read those first (here and ). I’m too lazy to duplicate his effort, so I’m filling in the little bits and pieces that I thought were interesting that weren’t included in his posts.

Tony was really interested in the tidal pools. It was probably pretty obvious in his Small Things post. I told him after the first set of pictures we took that it was kind of boring (he had me holding his jacket over his head while he took pictures…I couldn’t see anything). He thought I meant the tidal pools, so he left me behind to go and look at them the next time. That was even more boring and not what I meant at all.

I thought the trail markers were really cool. In addition to the paint (which is what I’m used to), there were these cairns.

Although Wonderland was pretty, Tony’s description was pretty accurate. After the things we’d seen and the things we were yet to see, the name didn’t really seem to fit. The walk was pretty – there’s no question about that. Somehow, it just didn’t seem to measure up to things we saw before or after.

There are more Maine pictures here.


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