Maine Trip: Acadia (Day 3)

Tony didn’t mention in this post or this one that we left Acadia early because of all the rain. We spent all of the trip to Acadia (minus one day in New Hampshire) in either rain or heavy clouds. Once we got to Acadia, we had a day of sun, a day of light clouds, and a day of heavier clouds. We were tired of dealing with the rain, so we decided that we would go home. At least at home, if it rained, we could be productive, rather than sitting around wishing we could be doing something outside. Doing things outside was the point of the trip, after all.

So, while the weather was still good, we did one more hike in Acadia. The picture Tony posted of the climb to the top of South Bubble Mountain didn’t really give a good sense of what we were climbing up. It’s not nearly as bad as the panorama makes it look. There were some stair-like formations, rather than simply being a cliff face. It wasn’t easy and it was definitely a little scary, but I would have refused to climb up something like what I see in the panorama.

Anyway, we left Acadia that night and went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where we found yet another reason to not go on vacation in the spring. I’d planned to stop in Portsmouth to visit the USS Albacore Park, but they are only open certain days in the spring. We had just missed the last day they were open until the end of the week. At that point, we said, “Let’s just go home.” So we left Portsmouth and drove the rest of the way home. I have to say, I’m glad we did. The weather has been much nicer here than just about anywhere on our trip. And we’ve been doing vacationy things (Tony’s been working some too) in the afternoons and evenings.


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