Baltimore Sailabration

Tony had another meeting in Laurel, MD. I went with him and took the MARC to Baltimore (like I did last time).

Once I got to Baltimore, I knew I wanted to hang around the Inner Harbor, but what particularly I wanted to do, I wasn’t yet sure. While I was sitting on a bench looking up a few of my options, a woman came over and told me that the aquarium was going to be having a flag ceremony and asked if I’d like to come. What’s the harm, right? As it turned out, not much.
It wasn’t terribly interesting. There wasn’t much other than putting up the flags for the first time in years (apparently, they just got their new flagpoles). And that’s the new aquarium flag on the far left. Pretty cool, huh?

Sailabration was this week, so, while I had considered going to the train museum, I thought Sailabration would be a better choice. They had what they call “tall ships” (above) in the harbor, as well as “grey-hulled” ships (below) to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. The ship above was international (I forget which country and I have no idea whose the flag is).

I took the water taxi to Fort McHenry after watching the flag ceremony. I figured it was a good way to see the ships as well as giving me a destination to explore. I have to say that I didn’t think Fort McHenry itself was that interesting. But the Blue Angels practicing over Fort McHenry were really cool (they have two shows this weekend)!

 Finally, I got this shot on the way back to the Inner Harbor. There’s something about the contrast between the building and the motorcycle that I really like.

 For more pictures, see the Maryland album (but be warned that there are at least three trips’ worth of pictures in that album).


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