Waugh’s Bike Show

We stayed at Tony’s parents’ house on the way back from Maryland. This morning, I rode down to Waugh Harley Davidson to hang out with Dad, who was asked to help out with the Central Virginia Motorcycle School tent (the same place he and I work). There were a *lot* of bikes out and about today. There were even some going the same direction as me. When a group of six bikes from Maryland invited me to ride along with them for a while, I did. I was bummed when they turned off, but continued anyway.

At Waugh’s they had the Fairfax motorcycle cops doing demonstrations. It was amazing they thing they could do. Here, there are three of them doing figure eights at the same time. There was one rider (there’s a picture of him in the album) who was riding around the cones at *very* low speeds (nearly a stop) and never put his foot down. Dad and I were both standing there wishing we were good enough to do the same.

We didn’t really do much work. The most we did was stand in line for a really long time (I didn’t watch the clock, but it felt like forever) to get food, only to find that most of what we wanted was sold out by the time we got to the window. *sigh*

The rest of the pictures can be found here.


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