Ride with a Flag

At some point in the last couple of weeks, Dad and Sandi were talking about a ride to carry a flag (I’m hoping that’s the right program…it looks right) from the Harley dealership in Orange, VA to the Harley dealership in Roanoke, VA. I thought that’s kind of cool, so I asked Dad about it. He wasn’t sure he was going to go, but he told me some of the details. As it got closer, I kept asking if he was going to go. As it turned out, Thursday was really hot (they were calling for heat indices in the 100s) and he had a lot to do and ended up not going. I told Sandi I’d ride up to the Harley dealership on Thursday morning and see how I felt.

Thursday came and I rode up to Waugh’s (the Harley dealership in Orange). It was already horribly hot and disgusting outside, but once I was moving on my bike, it wasn’t too bad. It seemed like such a fun trip that I couldn’t stand to tell her I wasn’t going. As it turned out, there were only four of us who went (the two biggest factors, I imagine, were the middle of the week schedule and the extreme forecast).

Although it was hot, it was a pretty ride. It’s about three hours from Orange to Roanoke, so there was plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. You can’t really see the people I was riding with, but they’re up there (Sandi was always in the back, though)!

I don’t really know why, but nearer Roanoke, it was really oppressive. Even the wind wasn’t cooling us much anymore. We all appreciated the little patches of shade as we passed through them.

The flag made most of the trip rolled up to keep it from flying off the bike. The ride down 29 is at least 60 for most of the way.

At the end of the trip (the last mile or so), the flag was released from its ties to wave freely. At speeds of around 35, it looked pretty good. Of course, the only time I was close enough for a picture, we were at a stoplight.

I thought the entrance to the Roanoke Harley dealership was pretty cool, so I’m including it as the closing picture (there aren’t any more pictures from the ride in the album). Enjoy your (hopefully cooler than 100º) day!


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