Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour

This past Monday (Labor Day, as it turns out) was the Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour (which is put on by the Charlottesville City Market and/or Market Central, I’m not really clear on this). They asked for volunteers and for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea. They wanted people to man tents welcoming people to each farm and helping the farmer with whatever they asked (parking, tours, etc). I didn’t really want to work any of the farms I knew of, so I picked one that looked good at random (there were about four I thought I might be interested in).

I chose Free Union Grass Farm because it looked like it was similar to what I want out of my farm (when I get it) and because it’s not too far from us. It turned out to be an awesome choice.

I, along with the other girl who worked at the same farm, were asked to help park people and get them to sign in so the city market could get some idea of how many people attended. It was crazy! We were supposed to get there at 9:45 and the tour was supposed to start at 10:00. People started showing up at 9:50-ish and it didn’t slow down until after 12:30.

After I worked my shift, I picked up Tony (we got one free car pass for my volunteering, but not two) and we went back to the same farm and took the tour. Joel and Erica have an amazing set-up. As we were still touring, Tony and I were hanging back in the group and I told him, “This is what I want.”

I wrote to them the next day and we’re discussing opportunities for me to work for them and learn from them. It looks like things might come together and I’m incredibly excited.

I don’t have pictures because the camera on my phone stopped working a few months ago and I didn’t think to take the Canon. So you’ll just have to make do with the website and their Facebook page.

The bit in italics was added later in response to a comment.


3 thoughts on “Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour

  1. So glad you picked Free Union! Hi — I'm Kathy, and I'm the farm tour coordinator for Market Central, the non-profit 'friends of the market' group that puts on the tour. Thank you for volunteering your time on the tour. I saw Erica this morning, and she told me you guys were rockin' in Free Union! :-) We couldn't pull off this farm tour without the help of volunteers, so thank you so much for stepping up to help. We really appreciate it, and I'm sure Erica and Joel did, too! Keep us posted how your own farm endeavors work out:

  2. Hi Kathy, thanks for the comment!

    From what I understand, having done a little looking since seeing your comment, the city market and Market Central are two different entities (I had no idea…oops!). Are they both involved in pulling off the Farm Tour or just Market Central? Sorry for the mix-up (I'll clarify if I hear back from you)!

    The crowd out there was crazy! It started shortly before 10 and didn't slow down at all until after noon!

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