Weekend Motorcycle Race

Welcome to Danville!

I meant to get this post up earlier this week, but between struggling to get pictures posted, forgotten tests, and unexpected trips, my week filled up quite quickly!

We got there well into the day (I had some errands to run in the morning), so we’d missed about half the races. Unfortunately, you don’t get a discount for getting there later (you get a discount for ordering them beforehand, though).

We really couldn’t tell the difference between the different classes, but for one of the classes, I looked at Tony and asked, “Do you suppose that’s a girl?” He said, “I was wondering the same thing.” I looked when we got home and, as it turns out, she is a girl. There was at least one other girl, but neither Tony nor I picked her out of the pack and I can’t seem to find her bike in the pictures.

One thing that really interested me was how easy it was to tell who the “amateurs” were and who the “experts” were just by watching them go around one corner. The “experts” were far better at slowing less and leaning the bikes waaaayyy over. 

Anyway, you have to admit, this picture makes you want to race. It did me, anyway. I tried to talk Tony into it, but at $500 for a weekend…. And then you get bit by the bug. Although I did argue that one of those classes would probably be really helpful for real-world riding!

See more pictures here.


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