Field Days of the Past 2012

Sunday, Tony and I rode our bikes out to meet Dad and go to Field Days of the Past. I haven’t been in years and the fair has gotten so big since the last time I went.

We got there and wandered through the exhibits first. Mostly we looked at all the engines (Tony was most excited about watching the sawmill work). We didn’t really go down by the road where the grocery or garage are, but hung up toward the “top” of the grounds.

We had BBQ near the tractor pull track for lunch and stuck around for a little while to watch them pull. One blue Ford tractor in particular, shiny and pretty, sounded like it didn’t want to stay running. I don’t think any of us expected it to do anything, but by the time we left, that Ford was still the longest-pulling tractor in its class (maybe of all classes, since the largest went first).

Just before we left, Tony and I decided to go on a couple of rides. I’d never been on a Ferris wheel and Tony talked me into going on a pirate ship ride. I don’t plan to try again – at least, not in the near future. After the pirate ship, I was worried about attempting another potentially terrifying experience. While the Ferris wheel wasn’t much fun at first, I was enjoying myself by the time the ride was over.

After the fair, we took the scenic route to Short Pump where we had dinner before we all went home.


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