Days of Thanks: The Basics

This month, I’ve focused on the things that are immediate to me (things that were forefront in my mind), rather than the necessities. I did this because I felt a little trite saying “food,” “health,” “peace.” Today is their day.

Today, I’m thankful that I have so much in the way of basics that I have the energy to complain about and be thankful for the things that satisfy wants rather than needs.

I’m thankful for good, easily accessible food and clean water. I’m thankful for a safe home and people that love me and take care of me. I’m thankful for clothes on my back and good health. I’m thankful that the air I breathe is generally safe.

As this concludes a month of giving thanks for the things I have (the things I’ve shared and the things I’ve chosen to keep to myself), I realize just how very much I have. While I don’t consider myself to live a lavish life, this month has reminded me how much I take for granted. And maybe even turned on end the idea that my life isn’t that lavish.

If you’ve been following along, I hope you’ve gotten as much out of this (in thinking about your own blessings) as I have.


Days of Thanks: Our Basement is Almost Done!

We have been working on redoing the basement (to make a long story short, we found mold). We’ve got the one room almost done (we’re going to use scraps from the second room to finish off the first one) and we just got the supplies to finish the second room. I’m pretty excited to think that our basement won’t be a work zone soon! We’ve been able to use it, which is nice; however, because it’s such a mess from being torn apart, there’s a feeling of chaos down there that’s not exactly conducive to getting much done. Since I like to work/study in random places in the house, I’m really excited about that.

Days of Thanks: Our Location and Running Water

Today, I’m thankful that we don’t usually live on the bus route. Last night sometime, the water went out. From the number of vehicles that went down our street, I’m assuming they closed the other road and routed traffic down ours. People were reasonable for the most part, but I was quiet aware when a half hour had passed because another pair of buses went down our street. They are really loud and I’m really glad they don’t usually go down our street.

I think the buses really made me aware of all the traffic on our road and it made me really grateful that they don’t usually drive right past our house.

I’m also really thankful for running water this morning. Fortunately, we have a Brita filter pitcher and it had water in it last night. This morning after work, I picked up a jug of water from the store because what came out of the faucet didn’t look quite right, but at least now I can do things like water the Christmas tree…things that don’t require potable water.

Days of Thanks: Teachers

I’m thankful for all the teachers I’ve ever had – even if I didn’t like them at the time.

To the teachers that made learning fun, thank you! Who doesn’t want to eat candy that’s supposed to cure you of “um” and “uh”?

To the teachers who were dry, thank you! More than the lessons that were “supposed” to be taught, I learned about doing things even when I don’t want to. I learned about trying to pay attention for hours without drifting off to la-la land. And who says that’s not applicable to the real world?

To the teachers I didn’t like, thank you. No, I wouldn’t choose to take a class with you again, but you taught me that sometimes, it’s better to not say anything because there is no winning with you. And that seems to be a lesson that is applicable in life outside of school as well.

Finally, to Mom and Dad, thank you. Thank you for pushing and prodding and probably worrying a lot (especially with *ahem* Latin) about getting me through half of my before-college schooling.