Days of Thanks: Literacy

I’m thankful for the ability to read and write words, even if Q thinks statistics is boring.

I love singing with Tony because he can read the music and will often sing parts that no one else does (specifically, I’m thinking of at church – we don’t sing together otherwise). I can’t read music (for singing), so I’m stuck with what I can remember.

For some reason, the last time I didn’t have Tony around while singing, I was staring at the music feeling kind of sorry for myself because I can’t sing a different part to make the music more interesting. I had the hymnal in my hands, but lacked the knowledge to turn the symbols into something meaningful.

Not long ago, I heard a guy on the radio compare computer programming to reading and writing. He suggested something along the lines of “reading/writing words on a page : reading/writing computer code :: books : computers.” I can’t really write code, but if you give me a little time and an internet connection, I might be able to make something up. Ask me to write code and you’re really asking for a mess.

All of that is not to complain. That’s just to point out that, given how clear it is to me how little I can read outside of words on a page, I’m incredibly thankful to be able to read and write English (I know – only one language too!). I don’t know if I’d be lost without it (would I know what I was missing?), but having it, I certainly wouldn’t want to lose it.


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