Days of Thanks: Farmers and Tours

You may remember this post, where I talked about the annual farm tour around Charlottesville that is open to the public. I’m taking a farm planning class at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and there are a couple of farm tours as part of the curriculum. The first farm tour was yesterday and it was awesome.

The weather was so nice that I couldn’t not take my bike. The ride was awesome, the weather was awesome, the farm was awesome, and the tour was awesome.

We went to Shalom Farms and I have to say, I really admire their model. If it weren’t so far away, I’d seriously consider volunteering out there.

Steve, the farm manager, took us on a two (and a little more) hour tour of the farm. It’s only a couple of acres, but the time flew by because he had so many interesting and useful things to say. While I’m not sure I want to get into produce, especially not right away, he is so interested in the things he does that it’s contagious, I think.

All that is to say, I’m really grateful to all the people who have shown me around their farms. I really appreciate not only their willingness to show me around, but also their diligent work. It’s because of them and others like them that we have good food to eat.

The pictures are weird because those are from the camera on my bike and the wide-angle lens distorts the edges.


One thought on “Days of Thanks: Farmers and Tours

  1. To the person who asked about the teacher (I accidentally deleted your comment when I tried to publish it…sorry – feel free to leave it again), Lisa Dearden is leading the class, but it's put on by Virginia Association for Biological Farming. We've had a couple of farmers visit, a couple of extension agents, a soil and water conservation district person, and some I'm probably missing.

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